2012 International 4000 4300 vin: 1HTMMAAL4CH624994

Lot information
Buy now: $27,000
Lot number: 38181687
Auction platform: iaai.com Sale
Location: 33332, 20499 Stirling Road, Southwest Ranch, USA
Vehicle condition on lot
Vehicle title: Billofsale
Primary damage: Unknown
Keys available: Yes
Airbags: None
Vehicle info
Vin: 1HTMMAAL4CH624994
Brand: International
Vehicle type: Truck
Cylinders: 6
Drive wheel: Rear
Fuel: Diesel
Year of production: 2012

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Vehicle 1HTMMAAL4CH624994 on IAAI auction

2012 International 4000 4300 with vin 1HTMMAAL4CH624994 and 38181687 lot number

This car is now for sale, you can only see participate on live auction.
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Additionally, for those keen on exploring a broader range of options, a block is available, leading you to a selection of similar lots featuring International models at the IAAI auction. This resource is designed to streamline your search, presenting a variety of choices to compare and consider. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, this page serves as your comprehensive guide to finding the perfect International vehicle at IAAI auctions.

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